NICDSign Issues

How to Uninstall Previous Version of NICDSign

sudo apt purge nicdsign

Browser configuration

Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Certificate section and click on the View Certificates button to open the certificate manager.In the Certificate Manager popup, click on the Authorities tab and then click on Import button.Browse to DSCSigner/ssl folder and select the rootCA.crt file and click on the Open button

The configuration is complete and now you can use Mozilla Firefox for digital signing using DSCSigner.

How to Fix NICDSign Installation Error

solution: Go to Downloads folder and extract NICDSign.deb file

Then Extract data.tar.gz

Then Go to opt folder

Then Go to nic folder

Then Go to NICDSign folder

Then copy paste NICDSign.desktop file to Desktop

After completing this process, run NICDSign.deb file again (sudo dpkg -i NICDsign.deb)

NICDSign installed Successfully

Enable NICDSign

sudo mkdir /home/user/.config/autostart
cd /home/user/.config/autostart
sudo cp /opt/nic/NICDSign/DSCService.desktop /home/user/.config/autostart
cd /home/user/.config/autostart

if you can find DSCService.desktop in ~/.config/autostart all set

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